About Therapist

Aimee Kojima

I am qualified in and have been working as a practitioner of various forms of massage, aromatherapy, beauty therapy, and healing therapies for over 13 years. I have practiced in Japan, Byron Bay North QLD Australia. My areas of expertise are Aromatherapy, Healing and Gentle Myofascial Release which are utilized for the signature treatment “BODY MIND SOUL RECONNECTING MASSAGE”

Education & Experiences

Myofascial Release | Shiatu | Deep Tissue | Swedish | Thai Massage | Remedial | Chinese & English Reflexology | Hot Stone | Clay Therapy | Qi-Gong | Craniosacral | Reconnecting Skills | Japan Esthetic Associates Beauty Therapist | NARD JAPAN Aromatherapy Counsellor | Third Medicine Project | Comprehensive Resource Model®︎ Trauma Healing | Polyvagal Theory Based Healing

Spa Manager in Japan
Five-Star Beach Resort Spa in Byron Bay/FNQ
Owned Aromatherapy Salon A’J U in Japan

About Massage


Since embarking on my journey in this field about 13 years ago,  I am more certain than ever that the most important principle of anatomy is the following:

“Human body is a fluid system, not a solid system at all” (BODY WISE by Joseph Heller)

The human body is composed of between 70-80% water and that the majority of its elements are fluid-filled. Even the bones are filled with liquid marrow. The muscles to the organs to the nerves are composed of fluid-filled sacs, pumps, and semipermeable membranes constantly crossed by liquids.

This realisation gave me a profound perspective of human system and lead me to learn about “Myofacia” (the membrane which surrounds muscles, organs and whole body like a body suit).

Now I utilise Gentle Myofascial Release Technique during all my massage therapies to reestablish a smooth connection between the body, mind and spirit.

Before  After

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The sense of smell can discover hidden truths within and the essential oils we choose can reveal many answers to our problems. The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses which connect to our brain directly without interruption.

I have studied “Chemistry of Aromatherapy” in Japan to utilize the incredible effect of essential oils. The significance of their power are suggestive of these subconscious needs. A realisation of these needs can lead to fulfilment in our lives.

Aromatherapy oils, the essences of plants, are subtle but have a profound impact on our lives. I have witnessed first hand, the lives of many of my client’s that have been dramatically changed as a result of essential oils. I believe that essential oils are potent instruments for all human beings.